Marketing app designed for influencers to generate online expansion by capitalizing on modern eCommerce trends


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Grin is an influencer marketing program built specifically for ecommerce businesses. This makes it easy to find influencers, generate affiliate links for them, manage sales and even inventory management. While many businesses have used this to great success, the program is very expensive and there are no free trials.

Main Features

Influencer marketing has been very successful for direct to consumer, or DTC, companies. This allows you to tap into someone who has your customer's ear so that they hear about how great your product is. Influencers typically reach thousands of people who trust them. While you can find an influencer yourself, the problem is that you don't know how good that influencer will be.

Grin not only finds influencers, but it segments them based on market, audience, overall effectiveness and more. This type of marketing can be very expensive, especially if you pick the wrong person. Grin helps you quickly find these people so that they can talk about your brand in a favorable light.

Ecommerce Tools

Grin also has integrated ecommerce tools to help you track sales, check live reports on ROI and manage your inventory. You can use this to ensure you have a steady stream of products ready for hungry buyers. If your supplies get low, then you can reduce your marketing so that you spend less as you stock up on supplies. If your ROI is poor, then you can change influencers or pick different customers to market towards.

Grin also generates affiliate links. Most influencers want to be paid upfront and get a commission. This is most easily done through an affiliate link. The influencer will be able to create one based on their name or any other identifier, which makes it easy for them to track their earnings as well.

Very Expensive

This program is not cheap, which might make it hard for small businesses to access. The starting package is $1,500 per month. While there isn't a free trial, there is a demo you can access to see how the program works. While it is expensive, many businesses will see this as a necessary cost as influencer marketing is highly effective.

While you can find influencers on your own, managing them and finding the right ones can be difficult. This program might be best for those who are already involved in influencer marketing and know what they are doing.

Cloud System

Like many modern programs, Grin is a web-based or cloud software that functions through the internet. Due to this, it works with nearly every operating system as long as you have an internet connection. You'll also find it easy to pick up where you left off if you move from one computer to the next. Simply login to your account and start working.


  • Helps you find influencers that would be best for your marketing.
  • Has many ecommerce tools like tracking ROI, inventory and generating affiliate links.
  • Live tracking ensures that you are getting the most from your investment.


  • This program is very expensive and does not offer a free trial, but it does have a demo.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Influencer Collaboration
  2. Content Approval
  3. Data Importing and Exporting Tools

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Influencer Scoring
  2. Reporting and Dashboards
  3. Campaign Analytics
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